WAVE-AI – Warranty Analysis through Virtual Engineering and AI

WAVE-AI is a collaborative proof of concept project led by Kortical Ltd that aims to develop machine learning models and predictive algorithms capable of identifying and diagnosing vehicle faults in a live, connected environment.


The project will exploit Kortical’s existing cutting edge AutoML technology and Ford Motor Company’s expertise in streaming data from connected vehicles.

Collaborative Partners

Kortical Ltd (Lead)
Ford Motor Company
Institute of Digital Engineering UK

IDE people

Peter Scanes

Monitoring Officer


Concept Solution Design

Kortical’s patented AutoML solution uses AI to create AI, ingesting raw data from numerous sources and then automatically building and testing thousands of different machine learning methodologies to find the best solution to a given problem.


A successful project will provide Ford product and warranty engineers with machine learning insights of causality and real-time predictions of different types of potential failures to improve customer experience, especially those who operate vehicle fleets where up-time is so important, and future-proof new product.

An IDE Funded Project

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Partner organisations


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