Digitalisation Roadmap

The new Digitalisation Roadmap, defining how new and emerging digital technologies will drive innovation in the coming years, will be launched March 2021.

Accelerating UK engineering capability through digital innovation

Our vision is to establish the UK as the global leader in digital engineering. We strive to maximise the productivity of the product creation process of our partners, through the adoption of advanced digital capabilities.

A new approach to product creation

IDE  is a virtual industry/academic institute working with the UK automotive and digital sectors. Our goal is to improve the current automotive product creation process through the introduction and application of advanced digital instruments.

Aligned with the needs of industry

Since late 2018, our team of experts has consulted with various UK based OEMs to determine their priorities in the digital realm. Our approach involves early and frequent discussions with industry, to ensure strategic alignment. Ultimately, we aim to establish the UK as a leader in digital engineering.

Driving the development and early adoption of advanced digital technologies

Advanced digital technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence have the potential to increase the UK’s competitiveness and dramatically improve company productivity. To help unlock the potential of this new generation of digital technologies, the Institute of Digital Engineering is creating a portfolio of industry-facing projects which will develop new digital tools and instruments for the UK Automotive Industry.

What is Digital Engineering?

Digital Engineering is the fusion of advanced digital technologies with best-in-class product engineering capabilities to deliver physical resource intensive processes in a digital environment.​ Its importance is more pressing than ever, as existing engineering capabilities, based on sequential approaches and extensive physical testing, are incapable of delivering the accelerating complexities of future product. This fundamental shortfall is common across all sectors, and is driven by increasing customer, environmental and legislative demands.

Cross-industry co-creation

Initially focused on the automotive sector, IDE has the potential to leverage the UK’s lead in the Fintech, Pharma, Gaming and Digital sectors to unlock new product engineering opportunities for companies operating in the UK.

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