AiR-FORCE (Artificial Intelligence for Reliability-based Feature Optimisation with Driver Contextual Intelligence), is a collaborative project between Jaguar Land Rover, the Institute of Digital Engineering and the University of Bradford.

The availability of real-world vehicle data, including data-over-the-air (DOTA) supports the development of advanced driving behaviour models, which can be implemented in real time Engine Control Unit (ECU) controllers to optimise vehicle reliability and performance. The aim of this project is to validate a reliability-inspired strategy on an industry virtual test platform. The strategy is for control optimisation of vehicle propulsion systems, with contextual intelligence predictive analytics insight.

Collaborative Partners

Jaguar Land Rover (Lead)

University of Bradford

IDE people

James Williams

Monitoring Officer


total project spend

The project will consider two case studies for battery electric and hybrid powertrains, featuring the usage of historic vehicle duty cycle data. It will also Include contextual intelligence extracted from machine learning models, allowing for the reliability-based stochastic optimisation of the control strategies for the systems involved.

'aiR-FORCE brings cutting edge automotive analytics research from the University of Bradford and real industrial challenges together to bring the real-world application of artificial intelligence closer to customer experience enhancement.'
-Jaguar Land Rover


Watch the dissemination webinar held earlier this year to hear more from Jaguar Land Rover and University of Bradford on all the work and processes behind the achieved outcomes.  


An IDE Funded Project